DIY Synthesizer

Homemade, DIY subtractive synthesizer with Teensy and Teensy Audio Shield


Gesture triggered loops

This is an interactive experiment using MAX, Microsoft Kinect sensor and Ableton Live. Dp.Kinect is used to translate the skeletel positioning of a user’s joints into coordinates. Gestures are then programmed in reference to the limbs needed for that pose (eg. the distance between hand and hip or the size the angle of the elbow to distinguish whether an arm is straight). This data is then converted into MIDI CC values which is routed to Ableton and into a MIDI track to my M4L device “Manual MIDI Mapper.” The M4L device is then linked to the mutes of each loop used, one gesture will unmute the desired loop but mute all others (like a solo function). All loops play simultaneously to maintain tempo sync between loops.

The idea in principle and musical loops made were composed in collaboration by students from St. Paul’s Girls’ School. This experiment will form a larger installation which will be displayed at the school. This will allow two users to interact with the musical loops, allowing them to compose through gesture alone.

Gesture triggered loops with Microsoft Kinect and Ableton from Tony Morton on Vimeo.


Touch to loop

“Touch to loop” is an interactive sound piece which allows a user to control the start and end point of an imported loop. The audio file will loop indefinitely, however the user can manipulate in realtime at which points the recording will loop with just using their hands. The left hand controls the start of the loop and the right hand the end of the loop. By bringing the hands together we can choose to loop only a small portion of the recording and vica versa if the hands are apart. If the hands are swapped over, the audio recording plays in reverse with the crossed right hand now playing the start and the left the end. The hands can also be used to scroll around the audio recording to choose different portions.

The Project uses MAX and the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Dale Phurrough’s dp.kinect allows full interfacing with the Kinect sensor, allowing full skeletal tracking to be utilised by MAX.

Touch to Loop – Experiment with Max and dp.kinect from Tony Morton on Vimeo.