Noisy Heads (2.0)

“Noisy Heads 2.0” is an improvised performance piece made up of real time video recording. The piece centres around the display of emotion, with the perfomer sampling themselves in realtime portraying such feelings. These recordings are then layered and manipulated, with up to four recordings displayed at one time. The audio/visual soundscape then intensifies as the performer sees fit, perhaps showing the true depth of emotion that is often hidden through restrain.

The project challenges our perception of emotion and how we can often disguise our true feelings. A seemingly casual gesture of amusement can turn into something quite manic and disturbed as more and more video clips of laughter are layered on top of each other. This new display of frenzy perhaps mirrors the true feelings behind the performer, something that can remain hidden at first glance. Sobbing is also used within the piece, again layered throughout to display the true escalation of despair and sorrow.